Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hair Update!

Back in September, I posted on my smelly / greasy hair and what I planned to do about it. I realized last night--at the urging of my sis-in-law, Shanna--that I kind of left you all hanging on how it turned out.

Sorry about that. I've been so busy homeschooling, cooking, hosting a life group in our home, and guest blogging for GNOWFGLINS that I've really neglected this place.

So my hair...

I absolutely love my Organix Awapuhi Ginger Shampoo and Conditioner. I can go two days between washes, sometimes three if I'm committed to a ponytail or hat on the third day. My favorite thing about this shampoo / conditioner? It smells AMAZING!!! Even when my hair is dry, the smell is still heavenly. My hair is shiny again, not tangled, not sticking together, not straw-like, and definitely not greasy or stinky. Hip-hip-hooray!

Yeah, yeah, I know Organix doesn't have the most "all-natural" ingredients in it, but I see it as a good, middle-of-the-road compromise. Not using shampoo or conditioner at all would be fantastic, but I'm not willing to give up pretty, shiny hair just so that I can say I don't use shampoo and conditioner. I'm proud of myself for being an all-natural girl, but I'll just be honest and say that I'd rather have great hair than be granola, ya know?

While some of the ingredients in Organix probably aren't the best for my hair, body, or the environment, it's not nearly as bad as more commercial / salon-type products that are loaded with chemicals. And since those products are super-expensive anyway, they're not even on my radar.

In addition to the new shampoo / conditioner, I also bought a boar's bristle hairbrush.


  • Doesn't break my hair as it goes through it
  • Does a great job of distributing my scalp's natural oils throughout my hair
  • Hair is silky and soft after brushing
  • I only have to brush my hair once a day
  • It was inexpensive and is easy to keep clean
  • Because it's dry where I live, my hair has more static after brushing with the boar's bristle brush than with my other brush.  The static doesn't last all day, though. As soon as I fix my hair and spritz on some hairspray, there is no evidence of static.
  • Sometimes I have to press harder to get through the crown part of my hair where I tease it.

But seriously, the pros outweigh the cons so much that I'm sticking with my new brush!

Am I still highlighting?

Yes. I love being blonde. My husband loves me being blonde. As we've moved into Fall, I've had my stylist add more brown lowlights to my hair so that it fits with the season. I get compliments on my color all the time, so why the heck would I stop?! I get my hair highlighted every 10-12 weeks for budget reasons, but also because putting bleach on it every 6-8 weeks would definitely cause some damage. For now, I'm good with continuing to highlight / color.

What caused my hair to go crazy to begin with?

Hormones! Oh my goodness, have I been on a hormonal roller coaster this year! It seems like every hormone that could have been out of whack was, and it took me a while to figure it out. My weird hair issues were just another flashing neon sign (added to my 2-4 a.m. wake-ups, erratic heartbeat, knot in my throat, and fatigue) that my body was screaming for hormonal help.

I'm happy to say that over the last month I've made some real progress with my hormone imbalances, beginning with raising my low body temperature. (Body temp controls cellular metabolism and hormones.) God really showed me some areas of legalism concerning food in my life, and I have been able to let go of a lot of my Nazi-like tendencies over food. That's a whole post on its own, but suffice it to say, that the road is long and bumpy, but I am making good progress and seeing definitely changes in my body, mind, and soul.

Will I ever go back to "no-poo"?

I honestly don't know. Actually, I don't really care. That's the least of my worries right now. If using store-bought shampoo and conditioner while I get through this period of re-balancing my hormones is what I need to do to keep my sanity and not have to worry about one more stinkin' thing, then it's a small price to pay.

In conclusion...

I didn't really have any pics that accurately showed the condition of my hair before, but here's a comparison:

This was taken by Shanna last November. I had been no-poo for a year. I brushed my hair 3-4 times a day because it was always tangled. Even in the sunlight, it was not shiny. At this point, my hair was no longer falling out, but it was not filling back in either. It's hard to tell in the light, but my hair also separated into sections by itself--another reason I was brushing it all the time.

This is after washing the night before and curling the next day. I had not done any teasing / hair spray / etc. Just curled it and shook the curls a bit. My hair is soft, not brittle, not tangled, not greasy, and not difficult to work with. Yes, I know that using a store-bought shampoo isn't exactly "ideal", but I can live with it for now. I'm so much happier with my hair, and that makes me feel better about myself. 

By the way, I'm not endorsing Organix or any other store-bought hair products, and I'm not receiving any compensation for my review of this or any other product. This is just my experience. If you're able to be "no-poo" and still have great, soft, silky hair, more power to ya! Unfortunately, it didn't work for me. I do love this shampoo / conditioner though!


Becky Dietz said...

Well, they should compensate you with that review!!

amy wright said...

I wish my hair would curl like that. So cute!

ToniLen said...

Ummmm first off, no-poo began with black women with natural hair. Per usual, the idea was co-opted by non-blacks. Shampoo has a drying/brittle effect on natural African-American hair, so it makes sense to no-poo.
If your hair is on the oily side, of course no-poo won't work for you and using a 'natural' shampoo is advised. I no-poo, but still shampoo my hair a few times a month to get the product gunk out.

Doing what works best for your hair type is a no-brainer, so I really don't understand the point of your post and why you feel you have to 'explain' yourself.

Lindsey said...

Hi ToniLen,
First of all, perhaps you missed the link in the post where I talked about all the weird things happening with my hair. My sister-in-law is one of my faithful readers, and she wanted an update on my hair since the post in September. That was my first reason for this post.
Secondly, I am happy you know about the origin of the no-poo method, but that info doesn't really apply to my post. A lot of white girls are trying to be more natural and not use commercial hair products. I was one of those girls. However the hormonal issues I've experienced changed the health of my hair, forcing me to reevaluate if no-poo was right for me. Knowing the history of no-poo really makes me no difference.
Finally, while I appreciate all constructive comments--and no one has to like or agree with all my posts--your comment was unnecessary altogether. It's my blog, and I'll post whatever I feel like posting. No one is required to comment or even read it for that matter. Thanks for stopping by!